Eat your heart out, Halloween Horror Nights… Japan’s largest Ferris wheel has launched a new rebranded version, the haunted Zombie Ferris Wheel.

It’s no secret that Japan feels the warm and fuzzies for Ferris wheels. Who could blame them? They’re classic, timeless, and intoxicated riders with an overwhelming sense of jejune frivolity. But there is absolutely nothing warm and fuzzy about this latest concoction. In fact, it’s downright torture.

Located at the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, The Osaka Wheel has undergone a change, giving life to the “Zombie Ferris Wheel of Hell.”

What The Hell

As guests attempt to board the gondola, a Ferris wheel operator will inform them about some manically mysterious stirrings that have been taking place aboard the Ferris wheel. If guests chant the mystic words while riding, their deepest, darkest wish will come true. Sounds pretty tame, yeah?

Buckle up…

When a young woman wishes to be reconnected with her estranged parents, things take a sudden dark turn.


Guests are shut out completely from the outside world for 20 whole minutes, with nothing but dark screens and terrifying screams to comfort them.

Extra Special Effects

Headphones are required to be worn throughout the ride, which only adds to the terror. In addition, thumping and heart-pumping effects hidden within the seat help to make the experience that much more horrific.


In this unique immersive attraction, the guest chooses their own adventure, altering the outcome. By working together, visitors can determine whether they will have a pleasant or painful ending.

Limited Availability

A maximum of four gondolas are available for this interactive experience. Visitors can purchase tickets in advance.

You May Want A Drink First…

Zom-beer and non-alcoholic Zombie Drinks will be available for purchase.


Tickets for the ride are 1,500 yen or $14.15 per person.

More Info:

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