Hooray for Hollywood! Marilyn Monroe has just presented a major announcement on behalf of Movie Park Germany. In commemoration of the theme park’s 25th anniversary, a new multi-dimension coaster will premiere in 2021.

The Hollywood-themed attraction, by Intamin Amusement Rides, showcases both forward and backward launches stretching up to 37 miles per hour. Primarily a dark ride, it includes a variety of multimedia components, such as screens, wind machines, and a plethora of sound effects.

It is believed that construction will take place in late October.

Manuel Prossotowicz, Project Leader and Marketing Director:

“We’re delighted that we can offer a new attraction with a thrilling experience for the whole family. The storyline is relevant for young and old alike and will be accompanied by a multifaceted design. As far as the theming is concerned, we can already reveal that visitors will be transported into the world of the famous Hollywood Studios like never before, boosting our Movie Park Germany brand. The new coaster will perfectly match the DNA of our park and our motto ‘Hollywood in Germany’.”

The teaser below features the one and only Marilyn Monroe delivering a sizeable freight to the Movie ark Germany, playfully hinting at a brand-new roller coaster.

For more information about the upcoming attraction, visit MovieParkGermany.de.