We have some news that may make it easier for Orange County to breathe a bit easier. Yes, that’s right… Orange Country Florida could lift the mask mandate sooner than later! However, if you’re a theme park fan (and we are going to assume you are or else… why are you on this blog?) there is more here than meets the eye. Keep reading to find out how this may affect Walt Disney World.

During a press conference earlier today, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings remarked on the continuing mask mandate and its perspective timeline.

Mayor Demings originally made masks mandatory back in June 2020, an entire month after Disney Springs opened with a mandate in full swing. Now, he believes there is finally light at the end of this dark and dank tunnel.

Though Demings did not provide a specific end date for the mandate, he did offer a vaccination target of 50% of the population, stating “Depending on how quickly they are able to get shots in the arms of people, then they’ll make that determination.” In addition, Demings shared that he feels that can be achieved in Orange County by June 2021.

Not So Fast, Walt Disney World

It is important to note, that while Demings may see June as the possible culmination for masks in Orange County, that does not have anything to do with Walt Disney World and its specific policies and procedures. The only lead we can go off of regarding Disney’s timeline is from CEO Bob Chapek, who has made mention of removing the face mask mandate and relaxing social distancing in 2022. It is also important to note the difference between the words “in” 2022 vs. “by” 2022

What Is Taking So Long?

One reason is that Walt Disney World is an international destination with worldwide travellers entering and exiting the parks on any given day. In fact, Disney has gone so far as to mandate face coverings for guests who are fully vaccinated.