This holiday season, Hampshire's Paulton's Park transforms into a spectacular winter wonderland. The park's annual Celebration of Christmas events are making a comeback, featuring a festive makeover of Peppa Pig World, dazzling lights, and a magnificent Music Christmas Tree light show. This events starts & ends on the 2nd - 23rd December, with the park being open from 10am - 4:30pm

Highlights include...

Christmas Grotto: Guests at Paulton's Park can anticipate a magical meeting with Santa Claus in his beautifully adorned grotto, complete with festive tunes, shimmering lights, and charming characters. This captivating experience, designed to delight both kids and adults, promises to be a highlight of the park's Christmas festivities. As a walkthrough attraction, the Grotto dazzles with its festive décor and animatronic characters. Each visiting child will be gifted a cuddly plush toy in a festive bag, along with a professional, full-colour photo with Santa, presented in a special folder to treasure the moment. The Santa's Grotto experience is available for an additional fee on select December dates. To ensure participation in this enchanting experience, visitors should opt for it when booking their day tickets or add it separately if they've already purchased tickets.

Santa’s Christmas Wish Show: The Santa's Christmas Wish Show at Paulton's Park is an enchanting blend of singing, dancing, and dazzling special effects. Featuring performances from the elves Billy and Belinda, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Reindeer, and the star of the show, Father Christmas, it's a spectacle that brings joy to all ages. The Show Stage has been enhanced with a covered seating area, providing a cosy spot for families to cuddle up and stay warm as they take in the festive performance.

Santa Claus himself graces the stage daily, infusing the park's Christmas celebrations with wonder and delight, particularly for the little ones. As a key part of transforming the park into a winter wonderland, the show, alongside the park's stunning decorations and lights, will weave a magical Christmas ambience.

Marvellous Musical Christmas Tree: Paulton's Park's celebrated Musical Christmas Tree, bedecked in twinkling lights, springs to life every 15 minutes. This magnificent tree's lights dance in harmony with holiday melodies, enchanting park visitors with its captivating display. The tree's light show, occurring at frequent intervals, ensures that all guests can relish this charming spectacle multiple times during their visit, enhancing the park's festive vibe.

Strategically located at the entrance plaza, the Marvellous Musical Christmas Tree acts as a herald of the festive joy that awaits within the park. Its dazzling presence greets guests upon arrival, setting the stage for the array of holiday delights inside Paulton's Park.

All Rides open during Christmas at Paultons

  • Farmyard Flyer
  • Storm Chaser
  • Cyclonator
  • Al’s Auto Academy
  • Windmill Towers
  • Buffalo Falls
  • Trekking Tractors
  • Rio Grande Train Ride
  • Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride
  • Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club
  • George’s Dinosaur Adventure
  • Grandpa Pig’s Little Train
  • Daddy Pig’s Car Ride
  • The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride
  • Windy Castle Ride
  • Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight
  • Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip
  • The Flight of the Pterosaur
  • Velociraptor
  • Boulder Dash
  • The Dinosaur Tour Co.
  • Dino Chase
  • Cat-O-Pillar Coaster
  • Professor Blast’s Expedition Express Ride
  • The Victorian Carousel Ride
  • Pirate Ship
  • The Tea Cup Ride
  • Viking Boats
  • Kontiki
  • The Sky Swinger

James Mancey, Operations Director, emphasizes the unique experiences these events bring, offering great value to visitors. Early booking is advised for the Christmas events and separate booking for Santa's Grotto. Embrace the magic of Christmas at Paulton's Park for unforgettable family memories!