SeaWorld San Diego received approval from the county for a partial reopening as a zoo, not a theme park. So, here is what we know.

SeaWorld San Diego Partial Reopening

The county granted permission for SeaWorld San Diego to reopen their outdoor activities. They are allowed to reopen under the same conditions as zoos in the state of California. That means outdoor areas of the park will be open, however, the rides, indoor aquariums, or indoor dining locations will not. We are not exactly sure yet if that means outdoor shows–specifically those where the animals perform in front of large crowds like Orca Encounter–will be operating. We do believe these animals will at least be available for natural viewing since their habitats are still within view of guests outdoors. Since the shark habitat is indoors though, it probably will not be open to guests for a while.

Even though they have received permission to reopen, the company has yet to announce any official dates for reopening. We will update with more information as it becomes available.