You may or may not remember the Superstar Television show at Disney MGM Studios. It was a very unique, opening day attraction at the park.

Superstar Television was a live show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios–known as Disney MGM Studios at the time. The show allowed guests to go behind the scenes of the making of television shows. Some guests even got to participate in these recordings. The show was designed to give the impression that it was being recorded live for television, with the guests acting as a live studio audience. However, this was just a part of the show's setup and contributed to its overall entertainment value.

Guests were cast in various roles from shows like Cheers, General Hospital, Gilligan’s Island, Bonanza and even I Love Lucy. Then they would perform as their characters with the help of their fellow co-stars and Disney cast members. They would act out the scene on the stage set while the audience could see what it would look like on television from the screens above the stage.

The show took place in the Superstar Theatre, which is still there but used for something different today. Superstar Television ran from the opening day of Disney MGM Studios in 1989 for nine years. In 1998, it was transformed into a show called Doug: Live!

Doug: Live!

Kids who grew up during the 1990’s will probably remember the animated television show called Doug. But you might be thinking to yourself, “Wait? Wasn’t that show on Nickelodeon?” Actually, yes it was at first. However, The Walt Disney Company acquired the rights and added it to their “One Saturday Morning” cartoon show lineup. Anybody else feeling especially nostalgic after hearing that phrase? I can literally still hear the theme song in my head! Anyway, it made a lot of sense to turn the hit cartoon into a live show at the Hollywood-themed park.

Doug: Live! debuted in 1999. Guests sat in the pre-show area first where they watched an interview with show creator Jim Jinkins. They were allowed into the theatre about 15 minutes before the start of the live performance. While they waited, a cast member quizzed guests on their knowledge of the cartoon. This cast member would then choose a few guests to participate in the performance later in the show. Doug: Live! was a combination of both live-action, animation and musical. The show was only about 30 minutes long but was still a popular attraction.

Get Happy…with ABC!

Get Happy…with ABC! was a show that gave park guests a sneak peek at the Fall 2003 schedule for the ABC television channel. ABC was purchased by The Walt Disney Company in 1996. Unfortunately, the star-studded 25-minute-long show only lasted a few months.

The American Idol Experience

The SuperStar Theatre (now called the ABC-TV Theatre) sat vacant for seven years after Get Happy…with ABC! ended in October 2002. It was not until The American Idol Experience opened in 2009 that the theatre would see any more guests. Once this show opened, the theatre was renamed Superstar Television Theatre once again.

The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was actually pretty similar to its ancestor show, Superstar Television. Guests actually got to audition in front of a “casting director,” then go through several “elimination rounds” before making it to the “final 3.” These three guests got to perform in front of the entire audience on the main stage. Each audience member got to vote for their favourite.

The best part, though, was that the contest winner of the day got a “Dream Ticket” which allowed that person to skip the line at a regional audition for the REAL American Idol!

Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

This show could be worth watching even if you're tired of Frozen. A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is not your typical sing-along show, as the live performers, Arendelle's Royal Historians, recount Anna and Elsa's adventure with humour and wit. You can easily find evidence of their hilarity online. Plus, you're encouraged to sing along to the movie's popular songs. A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration premiered in 2015 after The American Idol Experience’s last show the year before. The Theatre is now called the Hyperion Theatre, which is also the location where you can find the Frozen play at Disney’s California Adventure. Fun fact.

The Superstar Television Theatre has gone through a lot of changes over the years since its beginning as the Superstar Television show. Each change represents a different time in Disney Hollywood Studios’ history, which is always interesting.