We may be a little boastful, but we have a knack for dominating Toy Story Mania. If you're looking for tips on how to achieve a super high score and wow your loved ones, then you'll definitely appreciate these Toy Story Mania winning strategies.


Aim High.

If you aim just slightly above your intended target, you are more likely to hit it. The reason for this is because Imagineers wanted the experience to feel realistic. If you were really shooting targets from far away, gravity would start to pull them down just slightly before making the target. You will notice this once you start playing.

Shoot Fast and Frequently.

This is a timed game. So don’t waste that precious time! Make sure you are using every possible second to shoot targets and earn points.

Don’t Stress About Accuracy.

This tip might be confusing to those who have ridden the ride before because accuracy is technically measured at the end of the game. However, your accuracy percentage does not affect your score. If you hit a target, you get the points. It does not matter if you are a tiny bit off.

Aim Mostly for the Highest Scoring Targets.

Don’t waste your time shooting the easy, low-score targets only. If you see a target with a higher score, hit that instead. That does not mean you can’t ever hit the smaller targets. Like we said, you don’t want to waste your time. And some points are better than none. However, more points are better than some.


Practice Round

The first screen you’ll come upon will either show Woody and Buzz or Jesse and Rex holding targets for you to shoot. It is the “practice round.” Anything you do here will not affect your score. Your best plan of action here is to let yourself warm up a bit, but do not go crazy. Do not wear yourself out on something that will not give you any points. However, it is still a good idea to get a feel of where and how to aim and shoot.

The Barn

The second screen you’ll play on features a farm and barnyard. This is the first section of the game where you can earn points. So, stay focused and keep shooting. The barn will be on the right side of the screen. Look on top of the barn to see a tiny rat. Shoot the rat. The barn will open up to reveal an entire family of rats. Each rat is worth 1,000 points so take advantage and try to shoot as many as you can. If the barn closes again, the rat on top of the barn will reappear and you can do this same trick again for more points.

Dinosaur Volcano

The next screen displays a prehistoric land of dinosaurs. Here, you shoot darts at balloons to pop them. In the back center of this screen, there is a volcano with three balloons attached to it. Pop all the balloons quickly. If you pop all three before any of them reappear, the volcano will erupt with tons of balloons each worth 2,000 points. Pop as many of these balloons as you can. Eventually, the volcano will probably stop erupting (if you were able to activate this quick enough). Once it does, pop all three balloons on the volcano again for another eruption and repeat this trick over.

Green Army Men Plate Breaking

This next cheat is one of the most difficult because you have to either be really fast, or partner up with your opponent next to you. Honestly, you will probably want to team up with the person next to you because it is almost impossible to do alone. In the back of the screen, there will be two plates worth 2,000 points each launching into the air at the same time, one on the left side and one on the right. If both plates are broken before they fall below the screen, four more plates will launch into the air. There will be two on the left side and two on the right. If all four of these new plates are broken before they fall below the screen, the mountain in the background will move to reveal a tank. Then, you get tons of points. Don’t forget to shoot other targets in between the launching plates too.

Alien Rocket Ring Toss

In the middle of this screen is a rocket with several aliens in its pockets. Get rings around all the alien heads before new aliens appear and the rocket will take off. Behind the rocket is an alien robot. Whenever the robot opens its mouth, the target’s score inside it increases. Shoot rings into his mouth every time it opens to get tons of points. Whenever his mouth is closed, shoot around at the other targets as well.

Here is a bonus tip for this screen: hit the aliens on the flying saucers on either side of the screen for 2,000 points whenever you can.

The Wild West

Hit as many targets as you can, as fast as you can. They will disappear and reappear with higher scores. Aim for the highest-scoring targets as much as you possibly can. As far as we know, there are not any extra fancy cheats for this screen.

Bat Cave Spelunking

This screen is pretty simple but also a lot of fun. Hit as many targets as you can as they come down each mine track. The target behind it will then be worth more points. It is also a good idea to shoot the bats in the top corners of the screen because they are worth a lot of points. After a shot, they will disappear and then reappear with higher-scoring targets.