If you’ve never visited the Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel, you are missing out, my fellow nerds! Most recently, their acclaimed “Galaxy of Adventures” series features brand-new shorts inspired by Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, showcasing Black Spire Outpost. Watch all 3 below!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures – Black Spire Outpost

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures – Smugglers Run

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures – Rise of the Resistance

If that isn’t enough excitement to blast your inner geek into hyperspace, how about trying this one on for size…

There will be an exclusive version of “Star Wars: Myths & Fables” flying into Targets as part of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost collection. This collection will showcase three exclusive stories and a Target-exclusive cover design. In addition, there will also be a Target-exclusive version of “Star Wars: Dark Legends” that features three bonus stories.