Legoland Florida Resort mobile app just launched a new way for you to maximize your time in the parks with a free Virtual Line feature available on the official Legoland Florida app! You hear that? That is the sound of your cell phone getting that much awesomer!

Spend less time waiting and more time having fun by joining a virtual line for some of Legoland Florida’s most beloved. It is simple, easy, and quick. All you have to do is download the official app, and then it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

  1. Find an attraction with Virtual Line enabled under “Waiting Times” and pick which one you want to ride.
  2. Join the Virtual Line and get a boarding pass.
  3. Enter the number of riders.
  4. Wait for your turn to ride (you can enjoy other attractions and experiences while you’re waiting).
  5. When you get a notification that you’ve reached the front of the virtual line, just head to the attraction, show your boarding pass at the entrance, and you’re ready to ride.

If you want to begin using the virtual line, download the resort’s official app in the App Store or Google Play!