A highly-anticipated Cadbury World attraction will open just in time for Easter. Egg-cellent timing, we think.

Cadbury Chocolate Quest will debut on Friday 29th March, 2024. It will replace the 27-year-old Cadabra ride, where guests travelled through a magical chocolate world in a Beanmobile.

About Cadbury Chocolate Quest

cadbury world new ride
Guests will zap Cadbury ingredients using a laser gun. Merlin.

Cadbury Chocolate Quest is an indoor trackless ride featuring a combination of virtual screens and 3D sets, plus immersive smells and sounds.

Guests will board one of nine Cadbury cars before being briefed by Freddo and heading on a quest to find all the ingredients needed to make a bar of Cadbury chocolate. Lasers will be used to zap the ingredients up and, after disembarking the ride, guests will be able to collect the Cadbury treat they have just created.

Merlin shared that staff have been busy putting the finishing touches on the ride in recent weeks. This includes the standout liquid chocolate feature that will flow towards the end of the ride.

Cadbury Chocolate Quest marks a new era for Cadbury World, bringing the theme park into the 21st century.

Tim Waters, the Regional Director of the Birmingham Merlin Entertainments region said, “The motivation and inspiration behind the new ride comes with larger ambitions for the future of Cadbury World, and we're excited for our guests to enjoy what’s in store at our attraction this year.”