Get ready to join Goku and co. in an immersive new experience as the world’s first Dragon Ball Z theme park, dedicated to the much-loved series, will open in Qiddiya.

This is the latest offering announced for Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya City, an upcoming entertainment and tourism megaproject being built ahead of the 2030 World Expo in Riyadh. The area will also be home to a Six Flags park, a new F1 circuit, and multiple E-Sports venues, among many other attractions. 

About the Dragon Ball Z Theme Park

Set against the beautiful Tuwaiq Mountains, the Dragon Ball Z theme park will feature more than 30 rides, five of which are slated to be groundbreaking. 

The resort is promised to be over 500,000 SQM in size, around half the size of Walt Disney World, and will be split into seven themed areas based on the Dragon Balls from the anime. The park will include famous locations from the franchise, including Kame House Island, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus’ Planet.

Most of the rides are being kept under wraps for now, though we know that at the centre of the park will be a 70m roller coaster featuring the magical Shenron Dragon. The team behind the park has also shared that the resort will include themed hotels and dining experiences.

No opening date has been announced for the Dragon Ball Z theme park yet, though Six Flags is scheduled to open in October 2024 and the new F1 circuit is poised to join the race calendar in 2027. We don’t imagine the Dragon Ball Z theme park will open before 2027, but check back with Themepark+ as we bring you the latest updates.