Aloha! What a wonderful week filled with positive news from around the Disney blogosphere! On Monday, April 5, Disney Parks Blog officially announced that Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa will be bringing back character breakfasts to Makahiki Restaurant by May 7!

Character Breakfast Details

While dining at Makahiki’s character breakfast, Mickey Mouse and his pals will accompany Aunty or Uncle for lively songs and entertainment as guests partake in a delicious three-course meal. In addition, from the time guests arrive at the restaurant and throughout their dining experience, guests will have plenty of opportunities to snag photos with the crew!

Be Sure to Check Those Dates

While an outstanding feast will be offered seven days a week at Makahiki Restaurant, characters will only make appearances on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Who Can Go?

Throughout the month of May, character dining will be limited to resort guests only.

What Is on the Menu?

It’s not all about Mickey, ya know? Makahiki’s Restaurant showcases some of the most delectable food on the property, including fluffy macadamia nut pancakes with a Tahitian vanilla sauce, Hawaiian-style Loco Moco with hamburger steak, and much more! Kids will be enthralled with their choice of the classic Mickey and Minnie waffle, which contains a Belgian Mickey waffle and a red velvet Minnie waffle.


While every square inch of Aulani is dripping with ambience, Makahiki is the ideal way to start your day, where the lanai overlooks a crystalline shimmering koi pond beside the Waikolohe Valley pool. This casual, family-friendly restaurant is named for the Makahiki season, the traditional Hawaiian celebration of the harvest. Here, the spirit of Makahiki is celebrated through delectable cuisine and local artwork. Throughout the restaurant, you will uncover sweeping lines in the design, elegant glass designs and jewel-toned murals that depict the story of the Makahiki season. And as day turns to night, the restaurant’s lighting gradually turns from rose to indigo with the setting of the sun.

A Few Slight Modifications

As you may have come to expect some modifications to the overall experience will be made to help ensure the health and safety of both cast and guests.

Be sure to check for more details.


You can begin booking reservations as early as April 26. If you’re interested, be sure to give Aulani Resort a call at (808) 674-6200.