Recently, Energylandia announced the disappointing news that their highly anticipated new tilt coaster project will no longer be developed.

The innovative tilt roller coaster project at EnergyLandia, with a budget of close to 51 million PLN and an initial 20 million PLN grant from the EU, sought to introduce a ground-breaking gravity mechanism. This design featured the coaster rotating 90 degrees on a moving arm, smoothly joining with the track for a unique ride. Planned to be adjacent to Zadra, the coaster was designed to reach a height of 45 meters and achieve speeds of up to 85 km/h. Unfortunately, on October 24, 2023, Energylandia decided to halt the project, putting an indefinite pause on this ambitious endeavor. But what have we missed?

Anticipated Utilization of Vekoma's Tower: There was an expectation that the tilt coaster would use a tower that Vekoma was building at their facility, which was a point of interest for many coaster enthusiasts​​.

Originally, there seemed to be more specific information about the coaster's elements, but some of this might have become outdated as the project was initially planned to open by the end of 2021​​​​.

There was some confusion about whether the coaster included a "Trick Track" or a "Tilt Track," with the latter just referring to the drop track. This indicates that there might have been changes or miscommunications in the project's details over time​​​​.

Enthusiasts speculated about the order of elements in the coaster's design, suggesting a sequence that could have been exciting if implemented, like an upward zero-g roll followed by a triple down​​.

It appears that the details and excitement surrounding the tilt coaster were significant, but the project's cancellation means that these plans will not come to fruition at Energylandia.