Alton Towers Resort has submitted plans for significant updates in the Forbidden Valley area, set to be completed by 2024. These updates include:

Former Ripsaw Café Building: The current building, consisting of four portacabins, will be transformed into a new retail unit. This unit will retain the pot washing facilities but replace the other cabins with a purpose-built retail space. The retail unit will be associated with the rethemed Nemesis ride and is part of the broader Forbidden Valley refresh​​.

Design and Exterior: While the final exterior colours are yet to be confirmed, the retail space is planned to have metal panels in dark grey, in line with the Phalanx and Nemesis’s black and red colour scheme. A 'Refill & Refresh Station' is also planned for the exterior of the building​​.

Demolition and Replacement of Edge Games Arcade: The existing Edge Games arcade will be demolished and replaced with a new steel frame structure, which will more than double in height and continue to serve as an arcade. This change is in anticipation of the increased popularity of Nemesis upon its reopening​​

These developments are part of Alton Towers' efforts to revitalize the Forbidden Valley area, enhancing the visitor experience with new facilities and attractions.