Alton Towers has shared an update on the future reopening of Hex: The Legend of the Towers.

The dark ride closed for extended maintenance in late 2023 and was slated to reopen in 2024. However, after some radio silence from the Alton Towers team, fans were beginning to worry about the fate of Hex.

But, we can all breathe a sigh of relief… In a video shared by Alton Towers, Divisional Director Bianca Sammut shared that the park still plans to open Hex later in the 2024 season. She added that there has been a little bit more maintenance than first expected with the 25-year-old ride, but the team is very happy with their progress.

Breathing New Life Into Hex

Head of Entertainment Technical Design, Development, and Operations at Alton Towers, Simon Horsley, revealed some of the renovation details. 

He shared that the engineering team has completely refurbished the entire audiovisual system on Hex. Plus, old lighting fixtures have been taken down and replaced with new, dramatic  LED lights that enhance the storytelling.

Horsley stressed that the original storyline has remained the same, including the much-loved soundtrack. Despite this, the show control system has been modernised. Alton Towers has also worked closely with manufacturer Vekoma to replace the bearings that rotate the room.

In other words: everything we know and love about Hex remains the same, but the operational systems have been updated to make things smoother, easier, and even more dramatic than before.

Want to learn more? You can watch the exclusive Hex: The Legend of the Towers update below.