Just a few days from now, Alton Towers will reintroduce one of the most revered and respected rollercoasters, with the opening of Nemesis Reborn.

Nemesis originally opened way back in 1994 and showed British theme park fans what a real modern thrill machine could do. It was only the second B&M inverted coaster to open in the world, and the first in Europe, and was one of the shiniest jewels in Tussauds' crown.

And Merlin knows just how big the draw is for Nemesis. With the coaster having run reliably for 29 years, Merlin's creative team (and purse-string protectors) faced a dilemma - should Nemesis be retired, or is she given a new lease of life with a complete retracking and modernised theme?

Thankfully, they chose the latter.

Footage to behold

To really showcase what Nemesis Reborn is all about, Alton Towers has released a short video featuring nighttime drone footage - and wow. The ride looks sleek, fresh, imposing, well-themed, immersive... everything that made the 1994 original such an icon of the theme park world, but for a modern theme park audience.

The video also gives us our first glimpse of some of Forbidden Valley's new permanent lighting, shrouding the entire ride area in an atmosphere-setting red hue. Even the new dinky helicopter positioned inside the stall turn seems to have lighting of its own.

It's clear why Alton Towers are so keen to launch Alton After Dark this early in the season – they know just how incredible Nemesis Reborn will look once the sun begins to set.

One thing they are still keeping close to their chest, however, is the addition of the new Nemesis creature's eye. If it's as large and imposing as rumours and promotional images suggest, they've done well to keep it hidden so far – especially with so many fan-piloted drones filling the skies above Forbidden Valley. As yet, it will remain a surprise when fans stampede to the furthest point in the park on the morning of March 16th.

With only a few days left until the start of the season at Alton Towers, anticipation and excitement are building. Alton Towers are more than aware of how beloved Nemesis is, and hopefully that adoration will continue with Nemesis Reborn. And from what we've seen so far, it looks like fans certainly won't be let down.

Roll on Saturday, and be sure to check ThemePark+ for our review of Nemesis' legendary return.