Following numerous aerial images shared by Bioreconstruct, it's evident that the development of Epic Universe is progressing smoothly, with specific attractions noticeably beginning to take form

How to Train Your Dragon Land: This area, rumoured to be named "Isle of Berk," features various themed elements inspired by the movies. Key features include a portal entrance, dragon sculptures on rock formations, wooden guest walkways, a Viking boat sculpture, and a themed roller coaster. The land will also include a restaurant called the Great Hall, a boat ride, a theatre, and a dual racing coaster outside the land​​.

Meade Hall topped off in How To Train Your Dragon land

Spinning Ride in Dragon Land: The spinning ride is positioned near the portal and the roller coaster station, offering a dynamic experience for guests​​.

Curse of the Werewolf Roller Coaster: This attraction is reportedly a spinner coaster. Reach testing (to ensure rider safety) is underway, with protective tubing used during overhead construction work. The coaster features a themed barn concealing a shuttle launch.

Construction in the top right for "Curse Of The Werewolf Coaster"

Instant Forest at Werewolf Coaster: Forest landscaping is in progress near the coaster, aligning with Universal's vision to integrate thematic natural elements into the park's central hub​​.

Water Features in Dragon Land: The Dragon land includes a bay area at the front, inspired by the film series. This area features wood-faced walkways and two bridges, with the roller coaster track passing underneath one of the bridges​​.

These updates indicate significant progress in the construction of Epic Universe, showcasing Universal's commitment to creating immersive and exciting experiences for visitors.