Due to a trademark infringement, Universal has changed the name of one of its upcoming attractions. Starfall Racers, a roller coaster in the Celestial Park area of Epic Universe, has been renamed Stardust Racers.

While Universal is yet to announce this, every mention of “Starfall Racers” has been replaced on the official website. 

stardust racers
All mentions of Starfall Racers have been removed from Universal's website.

This is believed to be the result of a lawsuit filed by Starfall Education Foundation, who filed a lawsuit earlier this month. The company originally filed for its trademark in 2006, while Universal didn’t apply for the “Starfall Racers” trademark until 2023.

About Stardust Racers

Stardust Racers is one of the standout attractions in Celestial Park. It features two intertwining tracks, two launches, and a “Celestial Spin,” where the dueling trains perform an inverted crisscross. One of the coolest features of this coaster is that only the trains will be illuminated at night, giving the effect of real comets shooting through the night sky.

Stardust Racers will open sometime in 2025 along with the rest of Epic Universe.