Universal has announced a frosty new Halloween Horror Nights offering. Both events at Orlando and Hollywood will feature a horror house inspired by the 2024 movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Rumours of a Ghostbuster-themed house had been swirling on social media ever since Universal Orlando included the franchise in this year’s Summer Tribute Store.

Ghostbusters: A Frozen Empire 

As part of the announcement, Universal released a social media teaser with the following description: “An ancient artifact has released a chilling new entity, Garraka. He’ll stop you cold. Only the Ghostbusters can keep you from getting iced.”

In the series, Garraka is a phantom god who wants to freeze the human population and bring around a new Ice Age. A bone-chilling video was also shared on YouTube – take a look for yourself.

Universal previously revealed that A Quiet Place horror house will also feature at both parks this year.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights will run on selected nights between 30th August and 3rd November, while Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights will run on selected nights between 5th September and 3rd November. Tickets for both resorts are on sale now.