Disney Cruise Line’s latest ship, the Disney Treasure, will boast a bar inspired by The Aristocats – the Scat Cat Lounge. The venue will blend an old-school jazz club vibe with not-so-subtle feline theming, plus it will serve a suitably-cat-themed craft cocktail menu. 

This won’t be the only exclusive bar on the Disney Treasure, as a Haunted Mansion bar will also feature on board when the ship sets sail for the first time on 21st December 2024.

The Scat Cat Lounge

the aristocats lounge, disney treasure

Guests will be welcomed into the Scat Cat Lounge by a grand door with a sculpted handle resembling the Scat Cat’s signature horn. A parade of silhouetted cats will lead the way into the lounge, plus the Imagineers have been working hard to hide images of Roquefort, the cheeky mouse companion of Duchess and her kittens, throughout the jazz bar.

Music will play an integral part in the lounge’s theming. Inside, a black and white stripe statement wall will be decorated with the words “Ev’rybody Wants to be A Cat” in homage to the iconic song. Plus, a Grand Piano in the corner of the lounge will be splattered in paint-covered paw marks, a nod to Toulouse’s mischievous piano scene from the movie.

Scat Cat Lounge will serve a special cocktail menu that celebrates The Aristocats, including a Créme de la Crème Martini (a rich, creamy dessert cocktail) and The Cat Drink, a heady bourbon-based aperitif. 

Pssst… Keep your eyes peeled for a special touch outside the lounge. The funky animal poster near the door will be made up of the Imagineering team’s very own pets. Awww.