Disneyland Paris has released new concept art for its Sports Bar, which will be closed and renovated as part of Disney Village’s overhaul. The location has been open since 1992 and, despite being a buzzing hub for sports lovers of all ages, it requires a major facelift.

Disney shared that the bar will be merged with the New York Style Sandwiches restaurant premises next door, housing 460 seats. It has also been revealed that Coca-Cola will officially sponsor the Sports Bar & Lounge when it reopens in 2025.

A New, Refined Sports Bar

disney village sports bar
The concept art shows plenty of screens and a bright, spacious design.

The design is sleek and modern, typical of the new Disney Village style seen at Brasserie Rosalie, the first location to be given a refresh. Inside, the bar’s walls will be covered in artwork and memorabilia from a range of sports, reflecting the variety of major sports games that will be streamed.

The makeover continues outside with an exterior mural that will feature Goofy in his role as a football player in the short film How to Play Football. This piece of Eric Goldberg's art is reminiscent of “classic Disney” and balances out the refined style inside.

Also, the current terrace will be transformed into a plant-filled patio where guests can unwind whilst also being able to see what's on the big screens.

A New Food and Beverage Experience

The Sports Bar’s menu will also undergo a total overhaul. A new menu featuring appetizers and mains is currently being crafted by the team, plus the bar will serve draft and homemade beers and ciders, cocktails and mocktails, and a selection of shareable drinks.

The Sports Bar and New York Style Sandwiches restaurant will close for several months at the end of the year in order to reopen in 2025. The exact closing date is yet to be confirmed – check back with Themepark+ for the latest updates and park news.