It’s no secret that Disneyland Paris’ Disney Village is in a pretty sorry state at the moment.

The last few years have seen pandemic-related neglect, multiple restaurant closures, and some heavy wear and tear leave the area in severe need of redesign. So, when Disney announced in 2022 that a major overhaul was coming to the village area, DLP fans breathed a sigh of relief. 

But, we’ll be honest, a big renovation is needed to bring the area anywhere near close to Disney Springs or Downtown Disney (though, due to its smaller size, that’s an uphill battle.)

That said, the plans announced by Disney look to be a very good start. Here's what we know so far, plus some of the additions we at Themepark+ would like to be added to Disney Village.

Disney Village Revamp

roaslie brasserie, disneyland paris
The facade of Brasserie Rosalie is a clearer indication of what's to come at Disney Village. Disneyland Paris.

In 2023, Disneyland Paris announced that a multi-stage revamp is in the works for Disney Village. It should take a couple of years to complete and was kickstarted by the opening of Brasserie Rosalie at the end of 2023, which replaced Cafe Mickey.

The first phase of construction work has begun and will (fingers crossed) be complete by the end of 2024. This includes the renovation of Disney Fashion, Disney Fashion Jr, and The Disney Gallery. New windows will be added and the inside of the stores will be completely remodeled with new layouts and decorations. 

Disney has shared the below concept art which shows the shops will feature a mixture of wood, brick, and metal facades. Once complete, it’s believed that these stores will contain items from the following collections: fashion and lifestyle, home decor, Disney art and collectibles, and the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars franchises. 

disneyland paris, disney village
The Disney Village concept art shows the new facades that will sit between Annette's Diner (left) and Brasserie Rosalie. Disneyland Paris.

This is all part of Disney Village’s attempt to become more modern by phasing out its extremely tired (though nostalgia-inducing) 90s-style look.

Bruno Chastain, Disney Village Director, said about the renovation, “In addition to a more harmonious stroll with touches of Disney magic thanks to brand new facades, a completely reinvented atmosphere and interiors, this project will also improve life behind the scenes and the comfort of our Cast Members and Disney Village Partner employees.”  

The below concept art for the new McDonald's restaurant announced for Disney Village (opening 2026) gives a clearer view of the sleek, natural look that Disney is going for in this area.

disney village mcdonalds

What Will Happen to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show?

One of the main questions we think Disney needs to answer is what will happen to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. In recent months the La Grange Tex-Mex buffet restaurant was expanded to include the bar and preshow area, but what exactly will become of the main arena space is yet to be revealed.

For years, online speculation has championed the idea of a permanent Disney on Ice attraction in the Gaumont building. This is something we would love to see and, given the success of Disney on Ice around the UK and Europe, is an addition to Disney Village that makes total sense. 

This would also give Disney a chance to breathe some of its most popular IP back into the Disney Village, which will soon debut its modern – or some might say lifeless – makeover. 

The Removal of Planet Hollywood

Another important question for Disneyland Paris: what will happen to the space surrounding Planet Hollywood? Though the restaurant closed in early 2023, construction walls have only just started to go up around the iconic globe. 

The removal of Planet Hollywood will leave a huge physical gap in the Disney Village. The restaurant first opened in 1996 and has since been one of the most iconic facades; it’s also the first place we’re used to seeing when we step out of Marne La Vallee Train Station.

This, alongside the possible future closure of Rainforest Cafe, has served a massive blow to the area. We cannot wait to see what Disney has (hopefully) got up its sleeve to replace it.

Disney has teased that there will be more Disney Village announcements coming over the next few months. Watch this space as we keep you up to date on the latest developments.