Could Mel’s Drive-In be about to reopen at Universal Orlando? We think so. 

Mel’s Drive-In closed back in July 2023 for what Universal described as “set enhancements.” It was originally only believed to be a small refurbishment lasting a few weeks. However, as the months ticked by, Universal fans got a little bit excited at the thought of Mel’s receiving a huge update.

The window coverings have been removed in recent days, allowing us to take a peek inside at the new look. But, don’t panic – the restaurant still features its retro 1950s design.

A Sleek New Look

mel's drive-in
This beautiful photo, taken by Bioreconstruct, shows the new sleek color scheme.

In the above photo, taken by X user Bioreconstruct, you can see some of the new Mel's Drive-In makeover, including the new mobile order area in the middle. New menu screens have also been installed to the left of the counter, which has been painted red and black.

Though the main changes are the colorful wall tiles, which have been swapped out for a more sleek-looking red and white design. We've spotted that the booth seating is now majority red, with a very small number of blue and white accents. The iconic jukeboxes are also ready to be mounted onto the wall.

The floor is now completely black and white checkered, in comparison to the old multi-colored tiles. As we mentioned, the counters are now red and black striped and have been pushed back further into the restaurant to make space for the mobile order area.

Menu-wise, it seems like nothing major has been changed. You will still be able to grab your favorite Chilli Cheese Hot Dog or Big Bopper Burger, just in a refreshed setting.

Universal is yet to announce when this highly-rated burger joint will reopen, though it looks to be pretty soon.