Welcome, foolish cruisers! News of a Haunted Mansion-inspired bar on the Disney Treasure has been on the horizon for a few months and Disney has finally shared some more details.

Haunted Mansion superfans will be delighted to hear that the bar will draw inspiration from the attraction’s deep lore and history. Guests can also expect plenty of references to legendary Imagineer Rolly Crump, who worked on the original attraction in Disneyland.

Disney first announced the news of this Haunted Mansion bar back in October 2023 with an exciting Instagram video that teases some more concept art. 

Rolly Crump’s Influence

aquarium with ghost fish
This spooky piece of decor reflects Rolly Crump's Museum of the Weird exhibit. Disney.

Much of the bar will pay homage to Rolly Crump, with Disney previously announcing a bust with the engraving “BROTHER ROLAND – FOREVER REVERED FOR EMBRACING THE WEIRD” will feature inside the Haunted Mansion Parlor. 

But that’s not all; an Aquarium with Ghost Fish will be a centrepiece of the bar. This wacky design is a nod to Rolly Crump’s Museum of the Weird exhibit which inspired many of the characters and features of the Haunted Mansion. Disney explained that by “blending nostalgia with a fresh layer of lore, the aquarium will fold into the curious backstory of the parlor’s former sea captain owner.”

A Spooky Art Collection

Guests will be able to ponder a creepy selection of portraits while they enjoy a tipple in the Haunted Mansion Parlor. The paintings will be similar to the ones found in the Haunted Mansion, mimicking the art style used by Imagineers in 1969.

The Mariner is one of the pieces introduced by Disney and created by Marc Davis, another legendary Imagineer. Other portraits include that of a sea captain, whose time on board was cut short, and his ghostly mermaid bride.

Boo-ze Vessels

Early concept art of drinkware has also been revealed, with the portraits of The Mariner and The Captain’s Bride inspiring a Disney Cruise Line-exclusive mug collection. The mugs appear to be crafted from worn wooden planks of a ghost ship and will help to completely immerse guests in the spooky surroundings.

These mugs will debut alongside the Haunted Mansion Parlor when the Disney Treasure sets sail on 21st December 2024. Disney recently announced ANOTHER new cruise ship, Disney Destiny, which will take its maiden voyage in 2025.