With the opening of Epic Universe in 2025, Universal is continuing to push theme park boundaries. The company's latest patent, for a brand-new dynamic ride vehicle, is no exception.

Gone are the days when guests are strapped in to passively enjoy an attraction; if this patent’s design comes to fruition, guests will be able to control their own ride experience.

A Dynamic Vehicle Patent

The patent has been filed as an "Attraction System for Amusement Park" and “includes a ride vehicle configured to travel along a path.” As you can see in the diagrams above, the vehicle can move guests between seated (Fig. 5) and standing (Fig. 4) using a dynamic seat.

The system works by allowing riders to press a button that, in turn, changes the vehicle’s configuration. This means guests would be able to change positions as the vehicle travels along the track. This would give guests total control over the ride experience and allow them to interact better with the surrounding environment.

This is not likely to be a roller coaster. Instead, the patent lends itself more to an omnimover-style track ride. So far, it’s not clear what ride this system would be used for (or even, which theme park) but fans have been quick to speculate that this could be for rumoured Pokémon or The Legend of Zelda attractions.

Who knows... this could even be for an attraction at Universal GB. This project will (fingers crossed) get the green light later this year for a rumoured 2030 opening.