Here at Themepark+, we’re pretty much obsessed with the near-daily construction updates coming out of Epic Universe. And, in recent days, X user Bioreconstruct has taken to the skies once more to bring us some incredible aerial shots of the ride vehicles for Starfall Racers.

Situated in the Celestial Park area of Epic Universe, the Starfall Racers roller coaster will feature two dueling tracks that intertwine with each other. The ride will include two launches along a 10,000ft track and an exciting inversion being dubbed a “celestial spin.”

Starfall Racers Construction Updates

The close-ups above show the ride vehicle in a stationary position behind the two top hat segments of the coaster. The ride vehicles have been created to look like comets, with a galaxy-style paint design and brass detailing.

From the image on the right, we also know that the restraint is likely just to be a lap bar, rather than an over-the-shoulder fastening.

Images of the ride theming have also been shared. The below photo shows the large comet focal point surrounded by scaffolding – it still needs to be painted, but it’s very exciting to see everything coming together.

starfall racers

If you look closely, you can also see the dual tracks, each a slightly different shade of yellow. Plus, on the left side of the image, we've spotted service stairs that have been added in recent days.

Can’t wait to ride Starfall Racers? Amusement Insider has created a POV of what the roller coaster will be like. Check it out below.