Sweden’s Gröna Lund has shared exciting new images of its latest expansion plans, which are inspired by the “optimism and innovation of the late 1800s.”

The distinctly unique design for Gröna Lund’s new area reflects the 1897 Stockholm Exhibition that took place in Djurgården, in the same spot as the theme park. The architecture and thematisation will have an industrial Victorian feel, with plenty of ties to this important moment in Swedish history.

Gröna Lund Expansion Plans

The Gröna Lund concept art appears to show a central hub with a fountain, plus a new roller coaster and a pretty waterfront area.

Applications for the first permits for this expansion have now been sent. Most notable is the permit for a series of buildings that will surround the new area – these will feature architecture similar to that in Djurgårdsstaden and Wasahamnen.

Christer Fogelmarck, CEO of Parks and Resorts Scandinavia, said the following:

“Our vision is for the area to become an oasis of experiences, entertainment, food and magical environments. We want to create a place where all guests can feel joy and faith in the future, something we need now more than ever.” 

The Stockholm Exhibition 1897

While World Fairs were incredibly popular throughout the 19th century, Scandinavian countries opted to host their own to show off exciting technological inventions.  This particular 1897 exhibition featured the automobile, electric lighting, moving pictures, and, perhaps most exciting of all, new food inventions such as hot dogs and ice cream.

The Stockholm Exhibition of 1897 is still one of Sweden’s proudest successes to date, and Gröna Lund’s new expansion looks set to pay homage to that.