Exciting news: the Shanghai Disney Resort just announced they are building a brand-new attraction, months after the Zootopia expansion opened in December 2023.

In a notice to shareholders, Shanghai Disneyland stated that the attraction would be located to the right of the Zootopia area but would not be part of the land. As you can imagine, rumours are flying as to what this new attraction might be.

New Shanghai Disneyland Attraction Details

Specific details on the new attraction are yet to be revealed, though thanks to X (then Twitter) user @masanemiyapa, we know this will likely be a roller coaster. 

In 2021, they translated an email that stated the Shanghai Disney Resort was accepting bids from construction companies for an outdoor high-speed roller coaster with two launches and multi-switch track elements.

It’s important to note that this could be a different ride, though we think the timelines of accepting bids and teasing the new attraction add up.

As part of this announcement, Shanghai Disney Resort also shared that the piling work for the foundations of a third hotel has also been completed, as seen in the images below.