In the first of, what we can assume to be, regular teases about Epic Universe, Universal has released some extra details about Celestial Park.

This land will be the anchor point for the portals that lead to four more themed areas: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic Portal, How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk, Super Nintendo World, and Dark Universe.

Celestial Park will be filled with lush gardens, waterways, and winding pathways tucked between celestial and astronomical-themed buildings. This will be the land to hang out in if you’re after a moment of peace, though you’ll also find plenty of thrills in the park.

Let’s take a look at what we can expect from Celestial Park when Epic Universe opens in 2025.

Celestial Park Rides and Attractions

starfall racers at epic universe, universal
Starfall Racers will be an exhilarating journey through the cosmos.

Alongside plenty of concept art, Universal has released a fair chunk of information relating to the rides and attractions at Epic Universe. 

Starfall Racers is Celestial Park’s standout attraction. This dual-launch coaster will reach speeds of up to 62 mph, a little short of the Jurassic World VelociCoaster (70 mph) but promising extra thrill in the form of an inverted criss-cross track, which has been dubbed a “celestial spin,” plus a stellar soundtrack.

Universal has also revealed that Starfall Racers will not feature external track lighting, so the comet-shaped ride vehicles will appear to be shooting across the sky as they zip along 5000 feet of track.

constellation carousel at epic universe, universal
With its stunning facade, Constellation Carousel looks set to be a family favorite.

Constellation Carousel will be a whimsical ride for all ages. But there’s a twist – guests will board constellations that will twirl 360 degrees as part of a choreographed dance to music. This attraction will also act as the grand centerpiece of Celestial Park.

For younger theme park goers, Astronomica will be an interactive wet-play area with crystal blue fountains and a compass rose that will be integral to the land. But that's not the only water-based attraction; Celestial Park will feature dancing water shows with fountains reaching 135 feet in the air.

Celestial Park will also be home to two dreamy dining experiences.

Atlantic will be a full-service restaurant inside a Victorian aquarium, where the views are set to be as incredible as the food. Meanwhile, the Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant will serve up tasty Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes in an ethereal setting, surrounded by neon dragons and glowing lanterns.

And, for those who like to dine and dash, quick service meals will be on offer at The Oak & Star Tavern and Pizza Moon.

Universal Helios Grand Hotel

helios hotel at epic universe
Universal Helios Grand Hotel will be inside Celestial Park.

On the opposite side of the entrance, inside the park, Universal Helios Grand Hotel will open alongside two other new hotels at the resort. The hotel will contain 500 rooms, many of which will overlook the new theme park.

Taking its name from the Greek God of the sun, the hotel is said to be decorated in celestial patterns and constellations while also boasting a sophisticated Mediterranean feel. Universal has described the hotel as, “a world where the heavens and earth unite.”

If, like us, you can’t quite get enough of all the exciting Epic Universe updates, you’ll be happy to hear that an interactive preview center will be opening up at Universal CityWalk later this year. You'll be able to check out sneak previews of Celestial Park and the other themed lands ahead of its official opening in 2025.