Finally, the news Alton Towers fans have been anxiously awaiting is here, as the park announces the return of Hex: The Legend of the Towers for the 2024 season.

No, it might not be an update on where the next flat ride will come from or an opening year for Project Horizon, but it’s a long-awaited piece of news that Alton Towers and dark ride fans have desperately waited for. For some time there have been rumours about Hex needing major parts for in the drum, and short-term fixes just haven't had the impact the ride needed. This, coupled with constant parking and audio issues, fans feared the worst for the ride's future.

The news fans have been waiting for

With the park officially opening for the season next month, we finally have official confirmation of Hex's return and a wave of cheers swept through the UK theme park community. Its loss wouldn’t just have been a heavy hit to Alton Towers’ ride lineup (which is thought to be shifting to allow for year-round operations) but the UK theme park industry as a whole. Many enthusiasts consider Hex to be one of the best rides in the country and one of only a handful of world-class dark rides that could stand beside those offered at Disney and Universal. Its loss would have certainly left a major, tree-shaped hole.

Since opening in 2020, Hex has had a rather up-and-down existence. It opened to muted praise in 2020, but after the first two pre-shows were reworked during the season it started to grow in popularity. It was, unfortunately, one of the casualties of the Smiler accident in 2015, and closed throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016. It then reopened as part of the resort's Towers Loving Care (TLC) campaign for the 2017 season. Now, after a year of gathering dust (which will presumably add to the derelict theme), Hex is about to make its long-awaited return.

And that's not all

In an announcement video posted on X by the resort on 1st February, the resort also highlighted more additions for the 2024 season. This includes lift hill walks on Wicker Man and Oblivion, CBeebies Land's 10-year celebration, and a heavy hint to a new lineup of Scarefest mazes. There’s also a reference to Nemesis Reborn – not that Alton Towers fans need to be reminded of the return of the B&M beast.

However, one obvious omission from the video is reference to the Sky Ride, which didn't open last season. What does that mean for its fate? Hopefully, the park has invested in ensuring its return, as it's a necessary form of transport for many guests.

Those of you with good ears may have also heard a familiar tune in the announcement video: Graham Smart’s 90s Towers Street soundtrack, which seems to have received the remix treatment. Does this hint towards the return of another Alton Towers classic for the 2024 season? We only have a little over a month to find out.