On Sunday 26th November, Disneyland California experienced an unexpected disruption when a man took off his clothes and roamed around the park's famed It’s a Small World ride, causing dismay among visitors. The Anaheim Police Department arrested a 26-year-old male around 1:30 p.m. for indecent exposure and suspected drug influence, as reported by Anaheim Police spokesperson Sgt. Jon McClintock. The individual's identity has not been released.

Videos on social media later showed the man meandering through the ride, moving past the animatronics. Security personnel, with flashlights directed at him, can be heard urgently warning, "Stop, you're going to get hurt." Despite this, the man disregarded their cautions and persisted in his erratic behaviour.

He was eventually found standing in waist-high water near the entrance. One video depicted his clothing abandoned beside the boat flume, while another showed his removal from the park by numerous security and police officers. Due to the video outside showing full frontal nudity, we've elected to not link that video.

An onlooker in the footage expressed frustration, noting the presence of children. “Idiot,” another guest can be heard calling in the video. “In front of all these kids.”

The man was subsequently hospitalized as a precaution, per the police spokesperson. The It’s a Small World attraction underwent an inspection and reopened about 90 minutes after the event.