Feathered Friends in Flight, a new and informative bird show, has made its official debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park as of July, 13th, 2020.

Feathered Friends in Flight took to the stage today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, despite the fact that it’s not listed in the app, and the official Walt Disney World website still lists UP! A Great Bird Adventure is “temporarily unavailable.”

Hmm… could there be some foul play at the wing? It may be too soon to tell. But there is a slim shot that Feathered Friends in Flight’s predecessor will someday return or play in rotation.

Held in the same theatre as UP! A Great Bird Adventure (formerly Flight of Wonder) this new performance is hosted by a Animal Behavior Specialists. If you can recall, this is a bit of a scholarly transformation from the former show’s cast of characters, Troop Leader Jones, Russell and his furry friend Dug.

In the UP! A Great Bird Adventure iteration of the show, Russell ventures out to earn his Bird Badge, whereupon he and Dug find themselves in the village of Anandapur with the lively Troop Leader Jones, who teaches them about bird species from around the world. However, that former plot line, loose as it was, has since flown the coop, along with its co-stars.

Regardless, we end up in the same place, more or less, as a myriad of birds soar through the theater and execute tricks as the hosts reveals tidbits and facts about our fine feathered friends. There is plenty of audience participation, none of which requires physical contact.

All in all, there is a spark of old-school Disney edutainment about the performance, worthy of 25 minutes of park time, in our humble opinion.