Rise of the Resistance just opened today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it's amazing! Here is our spoiler-free Rise of the Resistance Review. If you prefer to read the full version, with spoilers, check out this other article, here.

The Pre-Show Experience:

The pre-show is highly immersive and feels almost like a ride, even though it’s technically not…maybe? It is kind of a confusing thing, which makes it even cooler! It’s a ride and a show at the same time, without the seats…

The Ride:

The Ride is unlike anything we have ever seen before in the United States. Before this, Flight of Passage was definitely the best ride we had experienced; Rise of the Resistance might have taken that top spot. We haven’t really experienced trackless dark rides in the United States Disney Parks, so this ride is unlike many of us have ever experienced. The animatronics in this ride are so advanced, smooth, and downright beautiful. Just wow.

It is safe to say that Disney has outdone themselves with this one. In fact, we think we can confidently say that this must have been what it felt like to experience rides designed by the mind of Walt Disney himself, with new technology and innovation that gives us chills.

For more details and spoilers, read this.