There are two kinds of Walt Disney World Resort vacationers – those who over-plan and those who try to wing it. Regardless of your methodology, neither one guarantees that you will secure a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That is unless you follow these Top 5 Tips!

Don’t risk looking like a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder! Read on and learn the ways of the force, padawan…

What Is Rise of the Resistance?

Rise of the Resistance is Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ latest and greatest attraction!

Rise of the Resistance puts guests right into the middle of the action by way of an altercation between the Resistance and the First Order. Peppered throughout, guests will find several Star Wars characters (including BB-8 and Kylo Ren), as well as an endless array of Audio-Animatronics, practical sets, projection mapping and screen-based media.

Without a doubt, Rise of the Resistance is one of the most intricate and innovative attractions designed by Walt Disney Imagineering to date!

What Is A Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group?

A Boarding Group acts as a reservation for this highly sought-after attraction. If you are lucky enough to be granted a Boarding Group, you will be assigned a Boarding Group number and given time to return to the attraction to ride.

Unfortunately, a Boarding Group is the only way to access Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. There is no FastPass+ access, nor is there a Standby line. Thus, making this ride incredibly difficult to experience. That is unless you know what you’re doing…

How Hard Is It to Get A Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group?

You see, there are thousands of guests trying to land a Boarding Group at the exact same time. Even with decreased capacity due to COVID-19, it is practically impossible. Boarding Passes typically ‘sell out’ in under a minute. It’s like FastPass+… on steroids! And that is precisely why you have to have a competitive edge.

Tip 1: Download My Disney Experience & Get Set Up

Without the My Disney Experience app your chance of getting a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group is 0%. First and foremost, download this app and be sure to have the latest version updated before your attempt to acquire those coveted passes.

In addition, make sure everyone who is going to be in the park with you that day is added to your friends and family list so that you can add them to your Boarding Group.

You will want the My Disney Experience app up and running roughly 3 – 5 minutes before trying to get a Boarding Group.

Tip 2: Reserve Your Park Passes

You must have a valid park reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios the day you wish to ride Rise of the Resistance.

If you wish to access a 1:00 PM Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group, you MUST BE IN THE PARK at this time. Unlike the 7:00 AM Rise of Resistance Boarding Group, you cannot gain access from outside the park.

Tip 3: Set Your Alarm

Set an alarm for roughly 10 minutes prior!

However, be sure not to set an alarm for 6:59 AM or 12:59 PM. Why? Well, when your alarm goes off on your phone it essentially freezes everything else. You don’t want to run the risk of your phone glitching right before GO TIME!

Tip 4: Turn Off Notifications

If you really want to make sure there are no distractions, we strongly suggest that you silence your phone and disable notifications. You’d be shocked to discover that that millisecond it takes to glance at whatever popped up on the top of the screen could cost you big time. Not to mention, just imagine how panicked you’d be if your natural instincts took over and you accidentally clicked on the popup notification. Oh, the humanity!

Tip 5: Get off Disney WiFi

It may sound crazy but get off of Disney’s Wifi! It is not your friend. You are much better off using your cell service. Seriously, do a speed test using the SpeedSmart app. You will see what we’re talking about.

Even if you get a good SpeedSmart test, Disney Wi-Fi gets especially clogged up during the Boarding Pass times!

Tip 6: Stay Away from People

You see, the cellphone towers have a little bit of trouble discerning one cell from another. So, the further away from a mass of people, the stronger your signal will be.

If you are staying at a hotel and trying to nab the 7:00 AM Boarding Group, we suggest leaving your room and heading outside towards the parking lot. Sure, you may look a little odd at 6:59 AM… walking around an empty parking lot… feverishly staring at your cellphone. But you are soon to be a hero who has snagged the most elusive theme park pass in the world.

If you are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the 1:00 PM Boarding Group, we suggest you find the most secluded area you can. As of February 2021, that is likely to be near a “Temporarily Unavailable” attraction like the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Is this tip a bit extreme? Yes! But we’re in it to win it, friends. We must leave nothing up to chance.

Tip 7: Click It!

Click “Join” the second the clock strikes 7:00 AM and/or 1:00 PM. Don’t waste time clicking at 6:59 AM and/or 12:59 PM, as you only have to go back to the homepage and that could take an extra few seconds that you do not have to spare.

Tip 8: Be Fast, Not Sloppy!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You want to keep those fingers speedy, without skipping over a step. Take a deep breath and stay focused. You’ve got this, Jedi.