The highly-anticipated Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac finally opened today (26th April 2024) at Europa-Park. The ride is a masterclass of innovation by MACK Rides and is situated in the new Croatian-themed area of Europa-Park. 

However, things didn’t quite go to plan as the ride opened; multiple reports of crowd pushing were shared on social media. Luckily eager fans settled down quickly and it was time for Voltron to shine.

About Voltron Nevera

voltron nevera at europa-park

The multi-launch roller coaster has broken all kinds of records – it has the steepest launch in the world (105°) and, at 1385m, is the longest launch coaster in Europe. In total, the ride has 30 different elements: a total of four launches (one of which is backward) and seven inversions.

The ride begins with a beyond-vertical launch, before reaching speeds of up to 55.9mph (90kmph) and a height of 105ft (32m). The coaster winds through 17th-century Croatia, inspired by the island of Hvar’s beautiful limestone towers and ruins.

The Story Behind Voltron

The ride’s theming is based around Nikola Tesla, who was born in Croatia. Guests start inside a hydroelectric power station, which has been provided by the Adventure Club of Europe (a fictional society of explorers) and redesigned by Nikolas Tesla.

Tesla soon discovers he can transform riders into cosmic energy, which results in park guests being shot around the track, between multiple towers, in the form of lightning.

Don’t panic if you haven’t got your next trip to Europa-Park booked yet, as MACK Rides shared a fun POV of Voltron.

Elsewhere in the park, MACK and Europa-Park surprised guests with the soft opening of the Magical Valley of Diamonds with the Alpine Coaster Enzian, the Tirol Log Flume, and the Yomi Adventure Trail. This area will open officially on 14th May 2024.