There are so many amazing rides at the Disneyland Resort. The rides at Disney’s second Disneyland Resort park, Disney’s California Adventure, are no exception. As we always say, every ride in California Adventure Park is amazing of course. However, some rides just shine brighter than the rest, each proving Disney magic is real with every guest that experiences it. It was difficult to pick only four rides in the whole park but we think we came up with the best of the best. Here is our list of the best rides at Disney’s California Adventure Park!

The Incredicoaster

The Incredicoaster recently replaced the California Screamin’ attraction in the back area of California Adventure Park. The area used to be called Paradise Pier but it was most recently overhauled with a new theme. It is now called Pixar Pier. California Screamin’ was a long steel roller coaster themed after the beachside wooden roller coasters that were popular several decades ago.

The Incredicoaster is the same steel roller coaster formerly called “California Screamin'” but with updated music, lights, and characters. According to the storyline, the superhero family referred to as The Incredibles is being rewarded for their efforts with a roller coaster in their honor. Since Jack-Jack and Edna Mode are both too short to ride, Edna is charged with caring for the baby while the other family members experience the attraction. Of course, Jack-Jack gets away just as the ride is about to start. So, we travel along with the family as they go through twists, loops, and force fields to get him back safely.

Guardians of the Galaxy–Mission: BREAKOUT!

Guardians of the Galaxy–Mission: BREAKOUT! just recently replaced The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. The Tower of Terror was a thrilling drop attraction themed after an abandoned hotel on the “dark side of Hollywood.”

Like we mentioned before with The Incredicoaster, Guardians of the Galaxy–Mission: BREAKOUT! is basically the same ride structure as its predecessor. There are only a few minor differences in the ride mechanics. In the new story, the Collector has captured the Guardians of the Galaxy to be on display at his museum and we have to help Rocket get them out, and the Gantry Lift sends guests on a wild journey up and down the old elevator shaft once the monsters have been released.

Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs Racers is another relatively new attraction at Disney’s California Adventure Park. In fact, if it weren’t for this new addition in 2012, the other items on this list may not have existed at all. In the early years of Disney’s California Adventure Park, many guests and cast members alike thought of the park as a failure.

When Cars-land opened in 2012, though, park attendance skyrocketed. Radiator Springs, even almost a decade later, still has a long line today. Guests of all ages flock to this attraction for a fun and thrilling experience. Radiator Springs Racers is the perfect combination between a dark ride and a roller coaster that takes place in the fictional town of Radiator Springs.

Soarin’ Around the World

Like many other attractions on this list, Soarin’ Around the World is an upgrade to a former attraction. Soarin’ Over California was an original California Adventure ride that took guests on a virtual flight over some of the most beautiful parts of the state.

Soarin’ Around the World is a ride that takes guests around the world’s most famous landmarks. We fly over the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Australia, and many more gorgeous locations.