DAS stands for Disability Access Service. It is a service given to guests at Disney Parks who have a disability or an ailment that prohibits them from enjoying the park in the same way as any other ‘healthy’ person. Basically, if you cannot wait in long lines for medical reasons, the DAS pass might help.

How It Works:

Guests who are granted the Disability Access Service pass will have it linked to their ticket at Guest Relations. Then, whenever a line is too long for an attraction that you want to experience, speak to the cast member at the attraction You will be given a return time. Your wait will be about the same amount of time as the current standby wait time for that attraction. However, you will not be waiting in the physical queuing area with most other guests. Before your return time, you can go wait inside a store, in the First Aid centre to decompress, in your hotel room, or even while enjoying another attraction. Then, after the allotted time, you return to the original attraction and wait in either the wheelchair or Fastpass line–both of which will have a shorter wait than the standby queue.

It is similar to a Fastpass. You can also use Fastpass/Maxpass at the same time as your DAS pass. Unlike Fastpass/Maxpass though, you can return anytime after the allotted wait time requirement. There is not an hour-long window that you can miss your chance for use. For example, if you have a return time for Matterhorn at 12:30 p.m. and you come back at 5:45 p.m., you will still be allowed on the ride. This is not the case for the Fastpass/Maxpass system. This is allowed for a DAS pass just in case something happens with your disability that prohibits your experience at that particular return time.

How To Get Your DAS Pass

Upon arrival at the park, head to the Guest Relations department–generally at the front of the park (i.e. City Hall at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom). You might have to wait in a small line, especially at the beginning of the day so be prepared for that. You can have another member of your party wait in line for you, but you might have to speak with the cast member personally once it is your turn. The cast member will ask you why you feel you need to use the DAS. Please do not be offended by this, it is to help ensure that only those who need the DAS pass are using it and it is not being exploited. You can just briefly explain why you are unable to wait in line like the average person, no need for any more detail if you aren’t comfortable. And that’s it.

What the DAS Pass is NOT

  • free front-of-the-line pass
  • a loophole to use when wanting to avoid the lines
  • something to pretend is needed when it is not
  • a perk or little-known hack
  • for healthy guests without a medical reason to need it

The DAS pass is a service that helps disabled guests experience the park like everyone else. It is not another Fastpass. The wait times are the same no matter what. If you want to use it, you should know that it does not make a difference in the number of experiences you would normally experience, unless you actually need it. If you don’t need it, you would do the same amount of attractions with or without it. So please, let it be saved for those who need it.