Disney’s Animal Kingdom is awesome for several reasons: fun rides, amazing animal experiences, etc. But the best part is their conservation efforts. This park is different from any kind of zoo or theme park you have ever experienced before. Here is a list of reasons why.

The Start of Something New

  1. The opening of Animal Kingdom really sparked a paradigm shift in animal care.
  2. Animal Kingdom’s animal holding areas were designed with priority over the attractions, buildings are climate-controlled, huge skylights provide sunshine for the animals, fresh air circulates through the enclosures, and animal caretakers and veterinarians work seven days a week.
  3. A typical zoo, with animals in cages, was not what Disney Imagineers wanted the park experience to be like. They tried to make the animal habitats as large and natural as possible.
  4. Each habitat in the Animal Kingdom (and Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort) is specially developed to provide enrichment and nourishment to the animals.
  5. Approximately 1,500 animals live in Animal Kingdom, with over 250 species that have reproduced since the park’s opening.

The Animals Are a Top Priority

  1. Specialists are always standing by to ensure the well-being of the animals.
  2. Animal Kingdom employs veterinarians, veterinary assistants, animal nutritionists, scientists, and other specialists to make sure the animals are always taken care of.
  3. There are more than 300 animal caretakers and veterinarians working at Animal Kingdom to make sure the animals are in the best health.
  4. Animal Kingdom veterinarians arrive before dawn every morning to check each animal and decide if each individual animal is healthy enough to go out in front of guests.
  5. Each veterinarian at Animal Kingdom will perform more than 600 animal wellness checks every year at the park.

The Plants are Legit

  1. Once you walk in, do you feel like Animal Kingdom is on an entirely different continent? That’s because there are 100 different species of plants here that are foreign to the United States.
  2. Animal Kingdom Park called for over four million plants, from huge trees to small blades of grass.
  3. The food grown here (and at Epcot) is fed to the animals and guests.
  4. Disney planters spent a lot of time listening to respected animal organizations, conservation groups, expert curators, and zoologists around the world to make sure they were planting perfect foods for the animals.

Some Facts

  1. With over 500 acres of land, Animal Kingdom is five times bigger than Magic Kingdom. It is the largest Disney Park in the world. Animal Kingdom is the second largest park in the world only to Six Flags Great Adventure. Technically though, Six Flags is an amusement park and not a theme park. So, if you feel like being technical, Animal Kingdom is the largest theme park in the world.
  2. There are no straws or lids sold at Animal Kingdom Park. This is done to keep guests from throwing them where the animals can access and choke on them. It is also much more healthy for the environment anyway.
  3. In addition to straws and lids, no balloons are sold here either. In fact, if you are hopping in from another park with a previously purchased balloon, you will be required to leave it in a safe spot (with guest services, in a locker, your hotel room, etc.) before entering. Balloons can be dangerous if the animals ever get a hold of them.
  4. The benches at Disney’s Animal Kingdom were made entirely of recycled materials.
  5. Before acquiring any of the animals, Disney consulted several wildlife experts, veterinarians, zoologists, etc. to ensure they provided the perfect and proper food to each animal.
  6. Speaking of “perfect and proper food,” Animal Kingdom is one of the best places to find special foods for those with dietary restrictions–such as gluten or dairy-free.

After reading these fun facts, we hope you understand why Disney’s Animal Kingdom is uniquely awesome.