Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is home to many beloved attractions. Avatar–Flight of Passage is arguably the most popular of them all. When the attraction first debuted in May 2017, it was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. It was better than any other simulation attraction ever built. The effects were amazing. The sights were gorgeous.

Flight of Passage was immediately considered one of the best attractions in Disney World. Actually, it wasn’t only the best attraction in Disney World. It was considered by many as the best attraction ever created at the time by any theme park. But now, only five years later, it is disappointing for fans who knew how great it used to be. But why? Let’s get into it.

Flight of Passage is an attraction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. You are turned into an Avatar and hop on a banshee to fly through the beautiful sights of the magnificent world created by James Cameron. Despite it being a simulation-style attraction, just a little different from Soarin’, it was larger than life could have brought you. You could feel the banshee breathing beneath you. The sights were breathtaking.

If you have ridden the ride for the first time only recently, you might not have noticed much. It might have seemed like another Star Tours or Soarin’. But if you got to experience it at the beginning and have also experienced it recently, you probably found yourself disappointed. The screen is blurry. The banshee doesn’t breathe underneath you; sometimes one side works but not the other, and sometimes the banshee breathing effect doesn’t work at all.

When the attraction first opened, the 3D projections were lined up perfectly, which made the “movie” look amazing. If you ever saw Avatar in theatres, it felt just like that. But over the years, the projectors move around ever so slightly and they become misaligned. The longer that happens, the more the projectors move. With more time passing, the projectors have become more misaligned and the “movie” gets more and more grainy and blurry.

Well, it seems like it would be an easy fix. In theory, Disney could just shut down the attraction for refurbishment and realign the projectors so they match up to fix the image. It would be absolutely gorgeous again, but according to cast members, the projectors are adjusted every day. If that’s true, there is more that needs to be done.