The Wintertraum 2023 at Phantasialand is a captivating winter adventure, highlighted by thrilling night rides on its renowned roller coasters. Glide through Klugheim's rockwork on Taron or soar through the steampunk-inspired Rookburgh on F.L.Y, experiencing the park's themed areas spectacularly illuminated in the night. Even the Chiapas log flume offers a daring, chilly ride. Yet, Phantasialand's appeal in winter extends beyond these exhilarating rides. Wintertraum showcases a variety of immersive experiences, demonstrating there's much more to explore and enjoy during this festive season. Let's dive into some of the event's key attractions.

The Sea of Lights

Sea Of Lights is where the entire park is illuminated with millions of sparkling lights. This transformation creates fantastically lit winter worlds filled with sparkle and joy. Many of Phantasialands set pieces are lit up in a dramatic, yet festive fashion, letting it be a feast to the eyes.

The Christmas Market Deluxe offers a traditional festive experience with an array of wintry delicacies. Located on the Kaiserplatz, the market features classic Christmas treats such as steaming mulled wine, hot flame-grilled salmon, and hearty kale, providing guests with a chance to indulge in seasonal flavours and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of a classic Christmas market, the website says..

Toast with a steaming Glühwein and let yourself be tempted by delightful winter delicacies amidst the dreamlike worlds of lights: Whether it's flame-grilled salmon, a hearty pan of green cabbage or fluffy Kaiserschmarrn - only winter in Phantasialand tastes like this!

The Wonderful Winter Shows

The Wonderful Winter Shows promise a captivating blend of artistry, singing, and humour. These performances, set in a winter castle and featuring hot jumps on the ice and a journey through time, are designed to entertain both young and old. Guests can expect great emotions and a variety of show experiences, with each performance aiming to bring laughter, joy, and shining eyes to its audience. The shows are..

A Winterly Jester Festival (Silverado Theatre): This show at the Silverado Theatre is a delightful jugglers' festival featuring soulful singing, graceful acrobatics, and a mysterious flair, all wrapped up in a whirlwind of imagination.

Arctaris – The Hidden World (Arena de Fiesta): Venture into Arctaris, an untouched realm of ice and snow. This ice skating show in the Arena de Fiesta dazzles with passionate ice folk performing rapid, gallant dances on glittering blades, transforming winter into a magical show experience.

Der Goldene Faden (Wintergarten): A dreamlike artistry show set amidst an enchanting costume trove. The story unfolds with a golden thread, taking you on a fantastic journey through time with beautiful music, captivating artistry, and a surge of emotion.

Tiempo de Fuego: This 3D mapping show with fire narrates a visually stunning story through the changing seasons on the rocks of Mexico. Expect a breathtaking interplay of 3D projections and fire, bringing to life a sea of flowers on barren rocks, dynamic rock faces, and shooting flames.

The Berlin Ice Rink

The Berlin Ice Rink is a large ice-skating rink set up in front of a big Christmas tree, offering a classic winter activity for visitors based in the Berlin area of Phantasialand. This attraction provides an opportunity for guests to skate in a festive environment, either showing off their skating skills or teaching children how to skate.

Phantasialand Wintertraum provides an enchanting blend of festive atmosphere, thrilling rides, and family-friendly activities, making it an ideal winter destination.