Alton Towers Christmas 2023 promises a festive extravaganza with a variety of activities and attractions, every year they work and enhance this event, here is a rundown of the highlights...

The Robin Hood Pantomime:

The Robin Hood Pantomime at Alton Towers Hotel showcases the classic Robin Hood story in a traditional pantomime style. Audience members will enjoy a lively performance where cherished characters spring to life, bringing both laughter and delight. Alongside this, the play will feature playful villains adding to the dynamic narrative. Located at the Alton Towers Resort Hotel, guests participating in the Santa Sleepover ( 24th November - 23rd December) & Festive Breaks (27th December - 7th January) must reserve their pantomime viewing through a unique booking process. This involves using an "Offer Code" provided in their short break booking confirmation email, which also allows them to schedule other activities including Waterpark visits

Rides & Attractions Open:

  • Bugbie Go Round.
  • Postman Pat Parcel Post.
  • Justin's House Pie-O-Matic Factory.
  • In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride.
  • Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop.
  • Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure.
  • Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride.
  • Gangsta Granny: The Ride
  • Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango
  • Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp
  • Royal Carousel
  • Heave Ho!
  • Marauder’s Mayhem
  • Sharkbait Reef by SEA LIFE
  • Spinball Whizzer

Additionally, CBeebies Land celebrates Christmas with exciting live shows, including a new 2023 Christmas special, where kids can interact with their favourite CBeebies characters and enjoy themed attractions.

Overall, Alton Towers Christmas 2023 is set to be a memorable holiday destination, offering a mix of enchanting shows, thrilling rides, and festive cheer