Universal Orlando is extremely underrated. To prove it, here are 23 secrets of Universal Studios Orlando that you probably do not know!

1.  Size

Universal Studios Orlando was planned to be much larger in size than it currently is. However, after the first year of operation, it became apparent that the park was much less popular than initially expected. As a result, executives had to reprioritize certain things in order to align with the new budget.

2. First-ever Universal Studios Ride

The first-ever Universal Studios ride was E.T. Encounter at Universal Studios Florida.

3. E.T Success

In fact, it was the success of the rides in Orlando that inspired creatives to bring E.T. over to Universal Hollywood. This sparked the expansion of both parks into what they are today.

4. Lots of Chance

E.T. and the Horror Movie Makeup Show are the only attractions that are still the same as they were on the opening day of the park. Everything else is completely new.

5. Seagull Infestation

During the first few years of operation, there was a seagull infestation at the parks. Luckily, an invention of mirror spike objects now deters them from bothering guests.

6. Secret Entrance

There is a secret side entrance that opens a few hours after the park opens. It is almost always less crowded than the main entrance. You can ask where it is if you would like to use it.

7. Flaming Moe

The drink known as the Flaming Moe in Krustyland appears to be on fire because of dry ice placed in a compartment in the base of the cup, which causes the liquid to bubble.

8. Berlin Wall

Outside the Hard Rock Cafe is a literal piece of the Berlin Wall.

9. Hieroglyphics

While riding Revenge of the Mummy, look around. These “hieroglyphics” were created by Universal Creatives. They actually translate into English. Most of them are warnings. We don’t listen to them, of course.

10. Lots of Energy

The Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Islands of Adventure uses the most energy in the entire park. It requires the use of two generators. Universal generates its own power. Otherwise, the energy used for The Incredible Hulk alone would cause a citywide blackout.

11. Secret Menu

When choosing the genre of song to listen to on your ride on the Hollywood Rip Rocket Roller Coaster, hold the logo at the top down for 10 seconds. You will be taken to a secret location. Enter three random numbers and you will be given a song at random that was not available on the other menu. These are hidden songs!

12. No Straight Lines

As a homage to the writings and illustrations of Dr. Suess, there are no straight lines throughout Suessland.

13. Suessland

Speaking of Dr. Suess in Suessland, look around to see if you can spot the famous author himself!

14. King Kong Statue

While cruising through the Treasure Room on Revenge of the Mummy, look for a miniature King Kong statue. Ask an employee for help if you’d like.

15. Hidden Speilberg

On the Men In Black ride is a man wearing a baseball cap and reading a newspaper. This man is renowned director Steven Spielberg! Even better, if you shoot him, the newspaper falls to reveal it was actually a three-headed alien in disguise!

16. Private Jet

Look for Micheal Bay’s private jet on the side streets of the Transformer’s Ride simulator film.

17. Hidden Names

Look at the windows of the Metropolitan Tribune building in the New York backlot. You’ll see several names of people who helped make Universal Studios Orlando a reality.

18. Back to the Future Tribute

Pay close attention during the pre-show on the Simpson’s Ride. You will see Doc Brown from Back to the Future get into a DeLorean! This is a tribute to the old Back to the Future attraction, which the Simpson’s Ride replaced.

19. Magic Phone Booth

Go inside the phone booth near King’s Cross station. Type the number 62442 (“MAGIC”). You will be transferred to the Ministry of Magic!

20. Magical Perfume

On one of the walls at King’s Cross station is an advertisement for a magical perfume. It is actually the same ad from one of the films.

21. Goblins

While visiting Gringott’s bank, try asking the front desk goblin about bank security, or even about the dragon. See what happens!

22. Send Mail

You can actually send mail from Hogsmeade. If you do, the recipient will also get an exclusive Hogwarts postmark on their letter!

23. Easter-eggs

Since Diagon Alley replaced the beloved Jaws attraction, there are a few tributes to the old ride. In the apothecary shop, there are real shark bones on display. The shrunken heads since songs from the film. Can you spot any more?