If you have visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park before, you have probably ventured through the wildlife trails found in Asia, Africa, and Discovery Island. Each trail is unique, with the opportunity to see animals native to the “land” in their massive habitats built by Disney Imagineers. Personally, I am not a fan of all the bird sections–but that’s because I have a very serious irrational fear of them. Anyway, guests walking through these trails get the chance to see real-life gorillas, tigers, and more.

With all of that being said, guests who wander into the Cretaceous Trail probably expect something similarly magical. They probably expected a nice, long walk surrounded by live animals and plants. Instead, they got a surprisingly short walk showcasing a few dinosaur statues and a couple of plants. The coolest part about all of it is definitely the plant life, as the plants in this area all date back to the time Dinosaurs roamed the earth. But if the coolest parts about a theme park attraction are the plants, maybe that means it is not too exciting. If you have come to that conclusion as well, you’d be in the majority of Animal Kingdom visitors.

A bronze statue of an Ornithomimus marked the entrance to the trail. Along the way, guests would see another dinosaur statue of a Corythosaurus lying on the ground of the trailside. It was a fun photo opportunity. Lastly, there was a Pachyrhinosaurus. He could be seen hiding in the shrubbery near the back of the trail. There was some evidence of a Dino Institute dig throughout the forest. And, well, that was it. I told you, anticlimactic.

The 2014 Update:

During the year 2014, a much-needed update came to the Cretaceous Trail in the form of a Donald Duck meet-and-greet. Donald could often be found standing right in front of the Corythosaurus sculpture. This made an already fun photo, even more fun! Otherwise, though, nothing much had changed.

The 2018 Update:

The year 2018 was the year of Donald’s Dino Bash. So, his meet-and-greet area was moved over to Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama area. Daisy Duck took the spot in front of the Corythosaurus where Donald once was. Her backstory and reason for being there are pretty interesting, though. Daisy was researching for her new fashion designs inspired by dinosaurs. “Why did she decide to create dinosaur-inspired clothes?” You may ask. Well, she wanted to celebrate her dinosaur ancestors! (Did you know birds are closely related to dinosaurs? Maybe my fear isn’t so irrational after all…) The Corythosaurus was even given a makeover too, wearing a scarf around his neck. Other furry little animals joined in on the fun too. Chip and Dale hung out on this trail dressed as “Chipmunkosauruses.”