Who doesn’t love Epcot? Crazy people, that’s who! Okay, we are sorry if we just called you crazy because you don’t like Epcot. We didn’t mean it. We can be very passionate about these things. However, if you are one of those people with a distaste for Epcot, keep reading. Maybe this list of the best Epcot rides will change your mind.

Frozen Ever After

Okay, okay! Yes, Frozen Ever After replaced the beloved Epcot classic attraction Maelstrom. We understand why that is upsetting to those die-hard Epcot fans. That is not to say that Frozen Ever After is not an awesome ride though. In fact, we would venture to say it is one of the best in the entire park. Even though it replaced a popular attraction, Frozen Ever After is impressive enough to warrant a lot of praise.

Spaceship Earth

Guests take a trip through history and learn about the journey of the human race on Spaceship Earth. This ride sits inside the famous “Epcot Ball.” Your omnimover vehicle takes you through the entire thing, which displays animatronics portraying great moments in history. Some of these events include; the discovery of fire, the use of language and the alphabet, and the arts.

When people think of Epcot, they usually think of Spaceship Earth. Whether they think of the ride itself or just the “Epcot Ball,” Epcot makes people think about Spaceship Earth. It would be silly not to put it on this list of the best Epcot rides.

Living with the Land

For those who love learning Living with the Land is totally the attraction for you. This boat ride takes you on a tour of the many plants and farming that happens at Epcot. These plants, fruits, vegetables, etc. are grown and sourced right in Epcot. Some of those products are sold to guests in Walt Disney World or even fed to the animals at Animal Kingdom. Talk about efficiency and Eco-friendliness!

Living with the Land is also a nice way to cool off from a warm day, even during the parts that take place outdoors. “Why is that?” You may ask. Well, it’s because plants and greenery naturally help cool the environment around them. Now you know.

Test Track

Test Track is one of the few thrill rides at Epcot. Guests get to design their own car while waiting in line. Then, they get to take that car to the test track. They get to experience how the car reacts to heat, the cold, obstacles, and how fast it can drive of course.

If you have never visited the east coast, but you are a fan of the west coast, then it will remind you a lot of Radiator Springs Racers in Disney’s California Adventure Park.