The Walt Disney Company announced today–July 2, 2020–that the Disney College Program in Fall 2020 is officially cancelled. This applies to both Disneyland and Disney World.

The Disney College Program (DCP, for short) is a program that allows college students to work at Disney Parks for a semester. Most of the time, completion of the program gives these students some college credit. The amount of credit depends on the school and what its policies are. Participants live in nearby Disney student housing where their rent is usually taken directly from their paycheck. If you are a Disney fan in college, this is basically a dream come true. You just have to apply and hope you get picked!

Immediately after the parks closed for COVID-19, Disney announced their DCP program would be suspended until further notice. This morning, DCP participants received an email that, due to the nature of the reopening process, their fall programs have been cancelled. Student housing and many of the buildings will have to remain closed for a while. Plus, Disney can only welcome back so many cast members at this time due to limited capacity and social distancing. These are some of the reasons for the cancellation that Disney specified in their email to participants.

All program fees will be refunded in full. The Walt Disney Company stated that “when the time is right,” they plan to resume the DCP in the future. Those whose programs were cancelled are encouraged to re-apply after their return. If, by then, potential participants have graduated college at that point, they will still be eligible.

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