Each year, as part of D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event, Disney announces a handful of Imagineers and entertainment industry leaders to be added to the highly sought-after Disney Legend list.

This accolade aims to celebrate the people who truly define Disney. It’s the highest honour, reserved for the top cast members and those in the entertainment industry. The judging committee comprises long-time Disney executives, historians, and other authorities. 

The names for 2024 have been released ahead of the official ceremony in August.

Disney Legends 2024

disney legends 2024
The full list of Disney Legends 2024.

Some big names are being added to the roster in 2024 – James Cameron, Miley Cyrus, John Williams, and Harrison Ford are among them. But the name big Disney fans are most excited about is the legendary Imagineer Joe Rohde.

Joe Rohde was the lead designer for Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park. He spent 40 years working on some of Disney's most popular projects before hanging up his ears in 2020.

He took to Instagram shortly after the Disney Legend announcement to share his thoughts:

The full ceremony takes place on Sunday 11th August 2024, and will be hosted by Ryan Seacrest. You can watch the official Disney Legend announcement below.