The latest renovation plans for the Efteling Hotel have been revealed. Following the redesign of numerous hotel rooms in 2021 and an exterior revamp in 2023, the hotel’s entrance and lobby area will receive a modern (and very decisive) makeover. 

Efteling has also shared new concept art that details the dramatic transformation that will open to guests in April 2025.

New Hotel Entrance and Lobby

While the hotel itself represents a castle in the air, the ground floor will act as the engine room from which the floating castle is controlled. The base station will feature sleek wooden shelving and metal alcoves and will lead to a dining area for hotel and park guests alike.

The guest entrance will be moved to the southwest corner of the hotel, where grandiose doors will reveal opulent display cabinets filled with Efteling souvenirs. 

efteling hotel lobby
The new entrance for the Efteling Hotel. Efteling.

Initial reactions to the new concept art have been mixed, with many Efteling fans complaining that the new lobby looks soulless and cold. This is a major contrast to the current hotel entrance which features plush velvet seating and warm lighting, perfectly encapsulating the Efteling brand.

To make way for these changes, the Efteling Hotel will close between 6th January and 17th April 2025