Efteling has announced that it will be giving Stoomtrein an electric makeover. The fantasy-inspired theme park, located in the Netherlands, will scrap its coal-powered trains in favour of battery power.

Efteling is not the first theme park to take steps to become more environmentally friendly. Disney recently announced that its Autopia vehicles, currently powered by gas, would be going electric.

Electrifying Stoomtrein

efteling stoomtrein

Stoomtrein is Efteling’s 55-year-old steam train ride, stretching almost 2 miles around the park. The park shared a fun video on X (albeit in Dutch) and revealed that they are aiming to be climate-neutral by 2030 and climate-positive by 2032.

The translation of the post reads: “The steam trains are going green! We want to be climate-neutral by 2030, that's why they are going electric. And the best news? We keep the nostalgic look and add special effects for an authentic and magical ride!”

British manufacturer Alan Keef Ltd supplies Efteling with the trains and has shared with Dutch media that the team is excited by this new challenge. Efteling has multiple steam locomotives running on coal – the plan is to electrify these gradually, with the first electric train introduced in the winter.