Universal Studios Hollywood has announced a high-speed outdoor roller coaster will open in 2026 – the park’s first. Fans of Dominic Toretto and co. will be delighted to hear that another Fast & Furious ride will be zooming over to the West Coast.

Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift has been described as a groundbreaking coaster that will allow guests to experience many of the thrills from the movie franchise.

Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift

fast and furious hollywood drift

While fans have initially been perplexed about the 2026 opening date, Universal has revealed that this will be an attraction worth waiting for. A “state-of-the-art ride system” is being developed to immerse guests in the Fast & Furious world. 

The ride vehicles will be able to rotate 360 degrees on a track kitted out with noise-reduction technology. The result? Vehicles that seamlessly drift around the track like they do in the movies.

Universal has also shared that this ride will be located in the Upper Lot area and will feature a red brick garage-style ride queue. The ride vehicles will be modelled after some of the iconic cars featured in the movies.

Scott Strobl, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Universal Studios Hollywood, said: 

“As Universal Studios Hollywood continues to evolve, the arrival of ‘Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift’ will be a powerful game changer that will infuse a new level of thrill into our already dynamic theme park, and we look forward to welcoming guests when it races onto the scene in 2026.”

Universal is yet to release concept art for the roller coaster – make sure you keep up to date with Themepark+ as we bring you the latest news and updates.