Well, if you haven’t heard the news just yet… Disney’s Investor Day was a massive hit! Disney’s four-hour hype session for Disney+ netted the exact results Disney executives were hoping for— bringing the company’s stock price up to over 13%. However, what has stockholders cheering has left park fans fearing! The sudden shift in focus towards at-home entertainment has some questioning, is Disney giving up on theme parks?

Before we get readers in a tizzy, allow us frankly to answer the posed question above with a resounding… NO! This is The Walt Disney Company we are talking about here! What’s good for the Mickey is good for the mouse! This is a massive and much-needed win for the company! Let’s examine…

What is Investors Day?

Investor day (analyst day) is a public meeting, where presentations are made by the CEO and other VIPs of a company in front of a live audience, for the purpose of updating the public on the health and direction of the company.

In other words, Investors Day is meant to do one thing and one thing only – to make the company’s stock price climb as high as the Tower of Terror!

Disney+ vs. Theme Parks?

In the challenging age of COVID, announcing plans for live entertainment would have done little to no good to increase the company’s stock price. Instead, Disney played a little proverbial shell game and placed emphasis on its flourishing streaming service by unveiling an elaborate plan to create a plethora of new movies and series for Disney+.

No Body Puts Theme Parks In A Corner

None of the above means that the parks are going to play second fiddle to Disney+. In fact, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy even went so far as to point out there the company’s updated structure will concentrate on two main segments, “Media and Entertainment” and “Parks, Experiences and Products.”

A Little Help From My Friends

In the past, Disney theme parks traditionally functioned as the consistent gravy train for The Walt Disney Company, allowing the company to remain above water when other avenues fell short of expectations. Now, it is time for these other divisions to help scratch the collective backs of the parks.

Bob Chapek Superstar?

By placing a new focus on developing direct-to-consumer media streaming products, CEO Bob Chapek and his reorganized management team came out shining. Not to mention, Bob Iger’s angelic foresight and timing to launch Disney+ plus all hut a few months prior to the global pandemic!

When The Timing Is Right

Disney+ is a clear and tangible solution to gain investor support. Frankly, that is the best news for theme park fans! Once we climb over this hurdle of a virus, Disney is sure to lock and load with plans of how to revive the travel industry recovery by making waves in the parks.

Until then, we have some binge-watching to do, friends!